DEVweCAN : An ANR project of 18 million euros over 15 years within 2011-2025


Oncology: an international challenge

The Lancet Oncology, an english review, published a recent study which emphasizes that worldwide cancer cases are expected to go up 75% until 2013, reaching 93% in poor countries and representing 13,2 million people versus 7,6 million today. This study perfectly represents the main economical objective of the Excellence Laboratory DEVweCAN. Borderline between cancer research and development, LabEx ambition is to improve our knowledge of reactivated embryonic mechanisms during tumor progression, to discover and validate new tumor progression markers and next to identify and develop new therapeutic targets against cancer.


5 laboratories involved :


16 high-qualified teams concerned:                                         

•Dr. Mehlen team (CRCL)
•Pr. Puisieux team (CRCL)
•Dr. Caux team (CRCL)
•Dr. Marie team (CRCL)
•Dr Ichim team (CRCL)
•Dr Lavial  team (CRCL)
•Dr Diaz (CRCL)
•Dr Castets/Pr Blay team
•Dr Grinberg-Bleyer (CRCL)
•Dr. Parent and Pr. Zoulim team (CRCL)
•Dr. Savatier team (SBRI)
•Dr. Dehay team (SBRI)
•Dr. Lomonte team (INMG)
•Dr. Castellani team (INMG)
•Dr. Lafon (LabTau)
•Pr. Clézardin (Lyos)